Children attending St. Patrick Preschool will be learning and practicing important skills to prepare them for Kindergarten and the years to follow. To help ensure that the kids are ready, we've implemented the following Goals and Objectives:


1. Hear and discriminate the sounds of language
2. Express self using words and expanded sentences
3. Understand and follow oral directions
4. Answer questions
5. Ask questions
6. Actively participate in conversations
7. Enjoy and value reading
8. Demonstrate understanding of print concepts
9. Demonstrate knowledge of the alphabet
10. Use emerging reading skills to make meaning from print
11. Comprehend and interpret meaning from books and other texts
12. Acquire and use new vocabulary words
13. Understand the process of writing
14. Understand the purpose of writing
15. Write letters and words


1. Show awareness of time concepts and sequence
2. Classify objects
3. Compare / measure
4. Arrange object in a series
5. Recognize patterns and repeat them
6. Show awareness of position in space
7. Recognize shape and structures
8. Use one-to-one correspondence
9. Use numbers and counting
10. Understand the meanings of number operations


1. Understand the concept of the universe
2. Understand the processes that shape the earth
3. Observe and understand characteristics and structures of life
4. Understand diversity and interdependence of life
5. Understand the concept of heredity
6. Understand the nature of matter
7. Understand the concept of force and motion
8. Understand the nature of energy
9. Understand technology
10. Observe objects and events with curiosity
11. Approach problems flexibly
12. Show persistence in approaching tasks
13. Explore cause and effect
14. Apply knowledge or experience to a new context


1. Understand the concept of chronology
2. Understand the events relating to daily life and one’s heritage
3. Understand people and how they live
4. Understand the concept of location
5. Understand the characteristics of places and regions
6. Understand the concept of human environmental interaction
7. Understand the concept of scarcity and resource allocation
8. Understand how people organize for the production and distribution of goods and services
9. Understand the importance of the role of government
10. Engage in the practices of cooperation and the resolving of differences
11. Accept responsibility for their independent choices


1. Demonstrate basic locomotor skills
2. Show balance while moving
3. Climb up and down
4. Pedal and steer a tricycle
5. Demonstrate throwing, kicking and catching skills
6. Control small muscles in hands
7. Coordinate eye-hand movement
8. Use tools for writing and drawing