ENROLLMENT: St. Patrick School has 140 students enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 8 as of October 31, 2017.

BACKGROUND CHECKS:  All paid staff must have on file both BCI and FBI background checks and must attend "Protecting God's Children". 

All Volunteers must have on file a BCI backgound check and must attend "Protecting God's Children" no matter how much or how little contact they have with children or youth, no matter if volunteering for the school or parish, and no matter what time of the day or night they volunteer. 

St. Patrick Elementary School was founded in 1874 and has operated continuously since its inception. Located in London, Ohio, St. Patrick School is an educational mission of St. Patrick Church, a member of the Diocese of Columbus. Its educational programming encompasses a pre-school, kindergarten, and grades one through eight. St. Patrick School is fully accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association (OCSAA) and the State of Ohio Department of Education (SDOE). All faculty members are properly certificated/licensed by the SDOE. The faculty of eleven is relatively young with regard to classroom teaching experience.

The k-8 student population of St. Patrick School (174 students) is primarily Caucasian (96%). Approximately three percent of the students are low income by federal free lunch program standards. St. Patrick School is the only Catholic school in Madison County. The student body is eighty-five percent Catholic and forty-three percent male. St. Patrick School serves a total of 110 families. Eighth grade graduates either return to home public schools or attend Bishop Ready High School in Columbus.

Students are tested annually at grades 2-8 with the Diocesan required CAT/TerraNova. This test is a national, standardized battery of achievement tests. St. Patrick students consistently perform well above national average on these tests. In addition, their performance is on a par or better when compared to other Diocesan elementary schools.

A dedicated faculty requires students to be active learners. They use a variety of instructional approaches to accommodate differences in students’ learning styles. Assessments of student progress are varied as well to assure students have a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their achievement. All students keep a portfolio of their work which includes a personal resume.

In addition to the full-time faculty, a speech/hearing specialist, a math tutor, and a reading/intervention specialist are employed. These highly trained faculty members are dedicated to helping students who need some additional special attention to overcome learning problems.

The learning environment at St. Patrick School is excellent. Students are safe and self-disciplined (the best kind). Students are taught to be people of integrity, to respect others, to show compassion, to build community, to be of service to others and to be people of hope. The religious education program emphasizes these gospel values and others as well. Daily religious instruction, daily chapel service, Wednesday Mass, and a Word of the Week program also emphasize these gospel values. Importantly, the faculty and staff manifest these values as they interact with children on a daily basis.

St. Patrick School continues to excel in making technology available to students in the classroom. We have a minimum of six computers in each classroom, and an additional eight computer stations in the student library. Three SMART boards are also used for instruction. All computers are interconnected via a local area network and are joined to the World Wide Web by a high speed Roadrunner connection. Students use the computers to do research, to learn how to key-board, to improve their reading (Accelerated Reader) and math skills (Accelerated Math) and to learn presentation skills (Hyper Studio and PowerPoint) to mention a few applications.

The focus at St. Patrick School is on the development of each child spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. At St. Patrick School, the mission is educational excellence and fulfillment of self for the glory of God.