See What St. Patrick School Has to Offer!

We are proud of what we have accomplished here and invite parents thinking about sending their kids to a private school to watch our video to see what we have to offer.

Academic Excellence And The Fulfillment Of Self For The Glory Of God.


St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School exists to:

  • Teach Catholic doctrine and communicate the 'Good News" of Jesus Christ.
  • Teach all academic subjects and develop the giftedness that Jesus Christ gives.
  • Establish a Catholic/Christian environment in a community where faith and the "Kingdom of God" is experienced as evidenced by self-transformation in love of neighbor and expressed in service to others.
  • Affirm each person as a unique individual, recognizing and developing the God-given talents and abilities of each person in the academic educational process.
  • Foster a good self-image through spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, physical and psychological development enabling each person to live a full Christian life through self-direction, creative expression and critical thinking.
  • Promote responsible citizenship in the local community through social awareness, leading to personal growth by involved service, nurtured and guided by St. Patrick School.